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In preparation for your upcoming trade show, you’ll find our 2022 Trade Show Vendor Kits.

With this kit, vendors will be able to:

  1. Request Electrical, Telephone & Internet Services

  2. Order Food and Beverage

  3. Order Audio Visual Equipment

Once you have a listing of vendors along with contact information, please forward that to my attention so we can assist with vendor logistics.


VEAL Convention services is our trade show partner for inbound & outbound shipments. Vendors can setup their account with VEAL and manage their inbound / outbound packages.

Veal Convention Services (order online at https://veal.boomerecommerce.com)

  1. Shipping Information

  2. Shipping Labels

  3. Payment Forms


VEAL Convention Services will receive all properly labeled freight and store until the designated setup day for your group’s show. Freight will not be released to vendors without a form of payment being on file directly to Veal Convention Services.

The VEAL shipping warehouse at Sandestin is considered a “remote location” by major carriers (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.). Items shipped overnight or priority overnight will arrive in Fort Walton Beach (20 miles to the west) by the guaranteed time and be placed on a truck for delivery to the resort. SandestinĀ® typically receives UPS and FedEx deliveries by 12:00 Noon. Vendors will be asked for tracking information when inquiring about their freight – SandestinĀ® and VEAL Convention Services utilize the same tracking information provided by the freight carrier to monitor and manage a shipment’s movement throughout the property.

Without tracking information, vendors should expect delays in confirming the whereabouts of their shipments.

We’re look forward to working with you on making this year’s trade show a successful event!

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